DataClarity Release Notes 2022.2

DataClarity Release Notes 2022.2 Download PDF Check out the latest features included in DataClarity 2022.2! This version brings code editor improvements, Cognos calculations optimizations, smart layouts guides for arranging widgets on storyboards pages, installation script and Python server enhancements, and more. New column options when refining a dataset [...]

DataClarity Release Notes 2022.5

DataClarity Release Notes 2022.5 Download PDF Check out the latest features included in DataClarity 2022.5! This new release delivers new capabilities to enhance your experience. Highlights include data extracts with custom SQL, calculations based on columns from multiple data source tables, custom SQL expressions in filter conditions and more. [...]

London South Bank University drives educational excellence

Higher education requires expert resource planning. To gain greater insight into effective long-term strategies, London South Bank University (LSBU) equipped its financial planning department with IBM Planning Analytics, helping to foster student success with more effective forecasting and budgeting. Business challenge University funding fluctuates with student enrolment and many other factors. How could LSBU [...]

Lindt advances supply chain insights with IBM Cognos Analytics

Extending business analytics to supply chain management Though a supply chain management team doesn’t directly influence sales, cost-to-serve factors such as transportation and palletization can have a significant influence on profitability when delivering hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of chocolate. Unfortunately, Lindt’s supply chain management team had been under-serviced. Left to their own [...]

L’Oreal automates validation for thousands of reports

Zdenek Hanzal gives L'Oreal an analytics makeover After getting wired with a microphone pack, Zdenek Hanzal sits down in front of a camera crew ready to discuss his passion: analytics. A native to Czech Republic and currently living in Paris, France, Zdenek revels in his career as a Senior Analytics Architect who spends his days [...]

Scaling AI at Luftansa with trust and transparency

Through AI lifecycle automation, drift, and bias mitigation, Lufthansa increased customer experience and airline efficiency. Combined talents help the airline raise efficiency In the airline industry, timing and synchronization are everything when it comes to the customer experience. Mitigating unforeseen circumstances against customer expectations and good old supply and demand are all issues well [...]

Ancestry unlocks real-time financial insights

It used to take Ancestry hours to make changes to their applications - now it takes minutes. Forecasting took weeks, now it happens instantaneously. Accounting and financial planning departments have access to real-time data. How analytics hero, Jose Balitactac, helped Ancestry achieve faster planning, reporting, and forecasting Ancestry knows data. Their goal is to [...]

Elkjøp Nordic Modernizes Business Intelligence for Growth

Business-critical insights with cloud-based analytics During the 58 years it has served the Nordic region, Elkjøp Nordic AS rose to the top of the retail electronics marketplace by responding quickly to the ever-changing needs of its customers. “Our competitive prices and the range of our product offerings are two of the many reasons why we [...]

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