The Evolution of SaaS Applications: The Transition to Embedded DATA Analytics

Embedded Analytics has long been transformative in SaaS applications, enhancing the user experience and decision-making with integrated data insights.


As the digital landscape evolves, a new frontier, Embedded DATA Analytics, emerges. This evolution signifies a shift from merely presenting data within applications to a comprehensive, data-centric approach that empowers users with deeper, actionable insights.

The Role of Embedded Analytics in Today’s SaaS Landscape

Embedded Analytics has revolutionized how data is interacted with and presented in business applications. By embedding analytical capabilities directly into SaaS platforms, businesses have been able to offer real-time insights to users, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

Embedded DATA Analytics – The Next Evolutionary Step

Embedded DATA Analytics represents the next step in this evolution, moving beyond traditional data presentation to a more integrated, insightful, and actionable data experience. This advancement is not just about visualizing data but about deeply integrating data processing and analysis capabilities into SaaS applications, thereby enhancing the value delivered to the end-user.

The Growing Need for “DATA as a Product”

In this data-driven era, the concept of “DATA as a Product” is increasingly relevant. Users, particularly data scientists and analysts, require the capability to extract and utilize insights both within and outside the SaaS application. Embedded DATA Analytics addresses this need by offering rich, exportable data insights and analytics, thus extending the value of data beyond the confines of the application.

Beyond Traditional Embedded Analytics Solutions

Many existing embedded analytics solutions primarily focus on the analytics/reporting layer, limiting SaaS and vertical companies from fully exploiting their data assets. Embedded DATA Analytics transcends this limitation by supporting the publication and delivery of curated data assets along with powerful analytics. This capability is crucial for SaaS companies aiming to differentiate themselves in the market and grow their customer base.

The Distinctive Approach of Embedded DATA Analytics

Embedded Data Analytics distinguishes itself from traditional embedded analytics in several ways:

  • Curated Data Assets: It goes beyond surface-level data representation to provide in-depth data curation and richer insights.
  • Data Monetization: This approach enables SaaS companies to leverage their data as a strategic asset, creating new revenue streams and customer value propositions.
  • Comprehensive Data Integration and Management: More than just displaying data, it involves integrating and managing data efficiently within the application ecosystem.

DataClarity Unlimited Analytics – Leading the Way in Embedded DATA Analytics

DataClarity Unlimited Analytics pioneers this evolution with a unique offering that combines advanced capabilities with an affordable model. The platform is forever free, mirroring the Red Hat approach, with optional professional or enterprise support and services available. This ensures the lowest possible total cost of ownership, making advanced analytics accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Examples include:

1.  Modern Data & Analytics Stack

DataClarity Unlimited Analytics brings together data management, analytics, and data science into a single, scalable platform. Central to this platform is a modern, container-based architecture, meticulously designed to scale in tandem with your business’s growth. The architecture’s versatility supports various deployment environments, from on-premises setups to private and public cloud infrastructures, ensuring adaptability to a wide range of operational requirements.

Consolidate data, analytics, and data science in one integrated platform.

2. Reusable Curated Datasets

DataClarity Unlimited Analytics empowers data managers to create and define curated datasets that are reusable across various applications. These datasets streamline the analytics process by being readily available for building dashboards and reports or for use in external applications or data science environments like Jupyter Notebook. This feature not only saves time and effort by eliminating repetitive data preparation but also aligns with industry trends toward improved data collaboration and interoperability.

Streamline analytics with easily reusable, versatile datasets.

3. Rich Data Connectivity and Federation

DataClarity Unlimited Analytics offers extensive data connectivity options, allowing data managers to connect with a wide array of data sources, including cloud services like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud SQL, and data warehousing solutions like Snowflake, as well as traditional databases like Oracle, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL, NoSQL/unstructured data such as MongoDB, and common file formats like Excel and CSV.

A key feature is the ability to blend disparate data sources into a single dataset through data federation. This capability enables the enrichment of datasets by combining enterprise data with personal files or external sources, such as socio-demographic data, thereby enhancing the depth and relevance of the data utilized in embedded analytics applications.

Enhance insights by blending diverse and comprehensive data sources.

4. AI-Driven Data Curation, Transformation, and Profiling

In DataClarity Unlimited Analytics, the process of data curation and transformation is enhanced with AI-driven data profiling capabilities. This advanced feature automatically recognizes data types and assigns analytical roles to each data element, streamlining the process of preparing data for use.

Alongside the robust suite of built-in capabilities for data cleaning and manual transformation options, this AI-driven approach ensures that datasets are not only accurately curated but also optimized for analytical purposes. The ability to preview and refine the datasets at each step of creation, augmented by AI insights, allows data managers to efficiently produce clean, valuable, and contextually relevant datasets.

Optimize data preparation with smart, AI-assisted profiling.

5. Built-in Data Science Calculations and Custom Model Integration

DataClarity Unlimited Analytics stands out with its capability to leverage both built-in data science models and custom models created in Python or R. The platform offers a variety of pre-built models for advanced analytics tasks such as clustering and segmentation, enabling users to apply sophisticated analytical techniques with ease. Additionally, it provides the flexibility for data managers to integrate their own Python or R models, catering to bespoke analytical needs and enhancing the platform’s utility.

This dual approach of offering ready-to-use models while also accommodating custom solutions empowers users to tailor their analytics precisely and effectively, making the platform highly adaptable to diverse data science requirements.

Tailor analytics precisely with adaptable data science models.

6. Advanced Row Level Security (RLS) and Data Governance

DataClarity Unlimited Analytics emphasizes data governance and security through its advanced Row Level Security (RLS) capabilities. Data managers have the tools to restrict or mask data access at a granular level, tailored to specific users or groups. This functionality is further enhanced by advanced macro functions and parameter maps, allowing for sophisticated and flexible data governance strategies.

Implementing RLS is particularly crucial in scenarios where SaaS applications enable direct data consumption by users, outside of controlled self-service or predefined reports. Such capabilities ensure that data governance and security protocols are maintained consistently, regardless of how or where the embedded data is accessed, thereby safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining compliance standards.

Secure sensitive data with customizable, granular access controls.

7. Data Cataloging, Tagging, and Sharing for Interoperability

In DataClarity Unlimited Analytics, the functionality to catalog, tag, and share datasets plays a crucial role in realizing the vision of “Embedded Data Analytics”. This feature allows data managers to systematically organize datasets, annotate them with relevant tags for easy identification, and securely share them with specific users or groups. Such capabilities are paramount for embedding data analytics into SaaS applications, as they facilitate seamless interoperability and enhance the concept of “Data as a Product”.

Get a quick overview of key dataset metrics for efficient management.

By enabling efficient cataloging and sharing, DataClarity Unlimited Analytics ensures that curated datasets are not only accessible but also integrated into the broader data management architecture, thereby providing a distinctive advantage for SaaS applications in terms of data utilization and governance.

Visualize data origins and connections for informed decision-making.

8. Robust API Integration for Data Monetization

DataClarity Unlimited Analytics distinguishes itself with robust API integration, adhering to OpenAPI specifications. This feature is particularly significant for SaaS customers seeking to monetize their curated data assets beyond the analytical layer. With these robust APIs, DataClarity empowers users to seamlessly expose their curated datasets for external consumption.

This capability facilitates the creation of new revenue streams by enabling the sale or sharing of valuable data insights with partners or clients, outside the immediate SaaS environment. Additionally, it ensures that data monetization is conducted in a secure, controlled manner, maintaining the integrity of the data while opening new avenues for business growth and collaboration.

Unlock new revenue opportunities through secure data APIs.

9. Query Acceleration and Performance Optimization

DataClarity Unlimited Analytics enhances user experience with its advanced query acceleration and performance optimization features. The platform enables significant performance improvements through query results caching and/or the use of dataset extracts. This approach allows for faster data retrieval and analysis, greatly enhancing the efficiency of analytics consumption.

Additionally, DataClarity provides options to define caching expiration policies and scheduling, ensuring that while data is accessed swiftly, it remains accurate and up-to-date.

Experience faster, more efficient data analysis and retrieval.

10. Comprehensive Query Monitoring and Analysis

DataClarity’s query monitoring and analysis tools provide crucial insights for database optimization. Administrators can delve into query performance, examining execution plans and timings. This detailed analysis helps in identifying bottlenecks and optimizing query efficiency.

By understanding and improving query execution, SaaS providers can enhance data retrieval speeds and server performance, leading to a more efficient and responsive user experience. This capability is instrumental in fine-tuning data management strategies, ensuring optimal performance and resource utilization in analytical environments.

Gain insights with detailed monitoring of data usage patterns.

11. Branding and White Labeling Customization

DataClarity Unlimited Analytics supports comprehensive branding and white labeling across its entire platform, including both the analytics and all data-related interfaces. This feature allows SaaS applications utilizing DataClarity for embedded data analytics to seamlessly integrate these capabilities, ensuring a consistent user experience that aligns with their brand identity.

The flexibility to tailor the embedded analytics experience, enhanced by robust Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), enables SaaS providers to cater to diverse customer needs. Whether it’s embedding only the analytical layer or including both analytics and self-service data functionalities, DataClarity’s customization options ensure that SaaS applications can provide a unique and tailored user experience.

Deliver a unique, branded analytics and data experience.


Embedded DATA Analytics represents the future of data insight within SaaS applications, offering a depth of understanding and capability far beyond traditional Embedded Analytics. DataClarity Unlimited Analytics is at the helm of this evolution, pioneering a platform that not only accommodates traditional analytics needs but also leads the charge in the more advanced realm of embedded data analytics.

This unique differentiator of DataClarity lies in its unparalleled flexibility, allowing SaaS providers to tailor their analytics integration and deployment precisely to their requirements. This flexibility and forward-thinking approach make DataClarity Unlimited Analytics a versatile and valuable asset for any SaaS provider looking to leverage the power of data in their applications, whether through traditional analytics or by embracing the new wave of embedded data analytics.

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