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DataClarity 2024.1

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DataClarity 2024.1 is here

DataClarity 2024.1 has arrived, featuring a comprehensive suite of connections to leading cloud databases, ability to deploy Python models as endpoints, enhanced data visualization, and advanced date and datetime filtering capabilities.

Let’s recap some of the exciting features in the DataClarity 2024.1:

  • Enhanced cloud database connectivity, including Amazon RDS for DB2, Azure Databases for MariaDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, and Google Cloud SQL for SQL Server.
  • Expanded support for Google Cloud services with connection capabilities for Google Cloud Spanner for PostgreSQL.
  • Improved data management and analytics features, allowing for deployment of Python models as endpoints for advanced computing.
  • User interface enhancements with the ability to copy-paste storyboard pages for efficient content duplication and editing.
  • Enhanced data visualization options with the ability to sort by columns in the “Others” field for more intuitive data exploration.
  • Advanced date and datetime filtering capabilities for more precise data analysis and reporting, improving user control over data selection criteria.

Get DataClarity or upgrade to DataClarity 2024.1 today to take advantage of all these great innovations.

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