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DataClarity 2023.6

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DataClarity 2023.6 is here

The latest release of DataClarity 2023.6 brings a suite of transformative features designed to enhance users’ efficiency and analytical capabilities. It significantly improves data accuracy, streamlines analytics integration, and enables deeper data analysis for a wide range of users from data experts to business professionals.

Let’s recap some of the exciting features in the DataClarity 2023.6:

  • Strengthen data integrity by providing dataset stewards with robust metadata validation capabilities, ensuring seamless and effortless data accuracy.
  • Elevate your embedded analytics with the new Individual Widget Embed URLs. Now, embed not just entire storyboards or pages, but also specific widgets or charts, for a more streamlined and customized analytical experience.
  • Harness the improved API that allows developers to directly execute SQL queries in datasets, supporting multiple programming languages for advanced data analysis and reporting.
  • Enhance your insight into dataset usage with improved stats notifications. Now featuring detailed user query counts and visual bar charts, enriched with user avatars for a more personalized experience.
  • Explore the seamless integration of Data Preparation and Storyboards in our enhanced, unified web application for a smoother and more efficient user experience.
  • Enhance your data stories with advanced visualization capabilities: from custom JavaScript charts for in-depth analytics to a broader selection of geospatial maps for engaging storytelling.

Get DataClarity or upgrade to DataClarity 2023.6 today to take advantage of all these great innovations.

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