Data and Analytics Integration Hubs eBook

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Data reflects the organization in which it resides. Unfortunately, most organizations are fragmented into numerous fiefdoms, each with their own data systems, analytical tools, and processes. Unifying this unholy mess requires a large dose of integration. This can be done manually by expensive systems integrators or in a more automated fashion by humans armed with integration middleware. In the analytics space, we call this middleware a “data and analytics integration hub.” Rather than consolidating data, these hubs virtually connect data and models in disparate systems and business intelligence (BI) tools to create a unified view of data for business consumption

This eBook introduces data and analytics integration hubs and shows how they are critical components in a self-service architecture. The eBook explores how this data middleware integrates data, models, and reports that are locked in various data and BI silos, making it easier for business users to gain a comprehensive view of information within their organization and beyond.

This eBook has three chapters

  • Chapter One: The Modern Way to Manage Disparate BI and Data Environments.
  • Chapter Two: Unifying Disparate Data Sources via Data Virtualization.
  • Chapter Three: Unifying Analytics Across Disparate BI Tools.

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