Analytics and Data Integration Hubs


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The Modern Way to Manage Disparate Data and BI Environments

Business intelligence and data environments are notoriously heterogeneous and fragmented.

Companies have multiple BI tools, each with their own semantic models, portals, file formats, reports, and dashboards. The situation is even more dire on the data side: there are dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of data warehouses, data marts, data sets, and data silos scattered throughout an organization.

Products that virtually connect to data where it lies and provide a unified business view available for consumption in BI or AI tools are a perfect antidote for heterogeneous and fragmented BI and data environments.

Watch the webinar to learn:

1. What is an analytics and data integration hub
2. What types of organizations are best suited to emerging technology
3. What functionality these hubs support
4. Why all-in-one tools are a perfect antidote for disparate data and BI environments

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