Ten Things Unlimited and Free in DataClarity Unlimited Analytics

Unlimited Analytics, DataClarity’s product name was analyzed with TextFX, the AI tool by Google. Check out the reasons below to see what makes DataClarity truly unlimited.

Here’s why it’s worth checking it out:

  • Experience analytics without the limitations or constraints often found in many platforms.
  • It’s not only unlimited but also provided at no cost making a great choice for cost-conscious companies.
  • Provides new avenues for organizations seeking to integrate or embed analytics by saving time, money, and resources.

1. Unlimited Users

DataClarity Analytics delivers a comprehensive solution with no restrictions, accommodating an unlimited number of users and ensuring scalability for businesses of all sizes.

2. Unlimited Servers

DataClarity offers the distinct advantage of supporting unlimited servers, ensuring scalability and robust performance for your analytics needs.

3. Unlimited Data Connectivity

Data integration may seem complex, but DataClarity gives you many options to connect securely to your data located anywhere. Explore the integrations and data connectors optimized and supported by DataClarity.

4. Unlimited Data Queries and Caching

DataClarity elevates your analytics experience by offering unlimited queries complemented by sophisticated features like smart query result caching, detailed dataset extracts, and streamlined metadata caching, optimizing both speed and performance.

5. Unlimited Entities and Organizations

By supporting unlimited organizations and entities, DataClarity Unlimited Analytics enhances embedded analytics solutions, providing a more comprehensive and adaptable framework for connecting to diverse data sources seamlessly and easily integrating multiple products and applications.

6. Unlimited Tenants and Customers

DataClarity Analytics facilitates unlimited multi-tenancy, ensuring that as you scale, you can accommodate an ever-growing number of customers without any constraints. The out-of-the box support for multi-tenant deployments and provisioning, enables you to host multiple customers (tenants) data and content on a DataClarity single server instance, while keeping their data and list of users totally separate and fully secure.

7. Unlimited Enterprise Scalability

DataClarity features a modern, cloud ready architecture that empowers you with unlimited enterprise scalability. Whether you’re deploying on-premises, venturing into the cloud, or adopting a hybrid approach, you have the latitude to scale without boundaries, consistently meeting user demands and expectations.

8. Unlimited Security, Permissions, Groups, and Roles

DataClarity provides unparalleled flexibility with unlimited permissions, groups, and roles. Through our meticulous Role-Based Access Contro (RBAC), a user-friendly management console, and adaptable APIs, we facilitate seamless and precise access control within your SaaS applications.

9. Unlimited Access to All Features and Capabilities

DataClarity provides full, unlimited access to every feature within DataClarity Unlimited Analytics. Unlike other solutions that offer ‘lite’ versions, with DataClarity you get the comprehensive, unabridged data and analytics capabilities right from the start.

10. Freedom to embed, brand, and integrate via API

With DataClarity, you are granted unlimited freedom to embed, brand, and seamlessly integrate through API, ensuring a cohesive and branded analytics experience, including full white label capabilities.

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