Discover DataClarity 2022.6

DataClarity 2022.6 is here Check out the latest features included in this release! Now available in DataClarity DataClarity Analytics Learn more about DataClarity [...]

What’s New in DataClarity 2020.6

We are excited to announce the latest release!  DataClarity 2020.6  brings powerful functionality to make it easier for you to prepare, explore, and analyze your data. Let’s take a look at this release. Data Preparation Duplicates datasets Preparing similar datasets becomes faster with the new capability to duplicate datasets. Click the Duplicate menu option under [...]

Meet DataClarity 2020.5

We are excited to announce the latest release!  DataClarity 2020.5  brings significant enhancements and exciting new capabilities such as datasets certification, data cleaning, scalar script function for data science, user activities audit, and more.  Let’s take a look at this major release. Data Preparation Certify datasets To help data analysts find datasets that are trusted [...]

Unifying Analytics Across Disparate BI Tools

With IT budgets declining, organizations are less willing to serve as their own systems integrators to stitch together tools and technologies need to support business user workflows. Rather than purchase purpose-built tools, organizations now want to implement all-in-one platforms that integrate disparate data sources and business intelligence (BI) tools into a logical whole. The [...]

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