IBM Watson Studio Explainable AI

Increase AI interpretability. Assess and mitigate AI risks. Deploy AI with trust and confidence.

IBM Watson Studio Explainable AI Capabilities

Monitor and Explain Models

Prepare and configure model monitors. Provide model input including training data, training data labels and training features. Select your data and models to deploy.

Track and Visualize Model Insights

Select model metrics such as fairness, quality, drift, risk and performance. Explore debiasing options. Create preproduction and production repositories and compare models. 

Configure Endpoint Monitors

Use a payload logging endpoint. Capture scoring requests or evaluate models for quality. Generate a code snippet for the payload and feedback endpoints to integrate them into your application.​

IBM Watson Studio Explainable AI Case Studies

From one year to six weeks

Learn how Highmark Health uses model insights to predict patients at risk, supporting preventative clinical intervention and outreach.

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Scaling AI at Lufthansa

Learn how Lufthansa achieved in customer experience and airline efficiency with AI lifecycle automation and drift and bias mitigation.

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KPMG: Stewarding responsible AI

Learn how KPMG uses IBM to bring trust, transparency and explainability to production AI.

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IBM Watson Studio Explainable Use Cases


Accelerate diagnostics, image analysis, resource optimization and medical diagnosis. Improve transparency and traceability in decision-making for patient care. Streamline the pharmaceutical approval process with explainable AI.

Case Study - Clarify Health Solutions
The PNC Financial Services Group Inc.

Financial Services

Improve customer experiences with a transparent loan and credit approval process. Speed credit risk, wealth management and financial crime risk assessments. Accelerate resolution of potential complaints and issues. Increase confidence in pricing, product recommendations and investment services.

Criminal Justice

Optimize processes for prediction and risk assessment. Accelerate resolutions using explainable AI on DNA analysis, prison population analysis and crime forecasting. Detect potential biases in training data and algorithms.

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