DataClarity Embedded Analytics

Easy to Integrate, Scale, and Afford


DataClarity embedded analytics is the only affordable end-to-end data and analytics platform you can white label and embed including source code without choosing build vs. buy

Next Generation Embedded Analytics Platform

DataClarity is purpose-built for companies who desire to integrate and deploy within weeks the most modern and complete self-service analytics experience without coding.

Self-Service Data Enrichment

Query real-time, join, and enrich any data from your application and other disparate sources for AI/ML processing, reporting, and analysis. Consume the enriched data in 80+ ready-made visualizations or third-party tools.

Self-Service and Extensible AI/ML

Create advanced and predictive analytic insights derived from any data using built-in self-service models or your own R and Python code. Once run, all model results are cached for near instantaneous user access.

Self-Service Visualization

Empower users of any skill with modern web-based self-service authoring and consumption featuring 80+ stunning interactive graphical, tabular and geospatial visualizations, pixel-perfect formatting, and custom palettes.


Unify and improve user experience and adoption with compelling interactive multi-page storyboards that meld application content, visualizations, analytics, graphics, third-party tools, and other web content together.

Digital Experience

Deploy modern themed web portals that integrate your application, storyboards, analytics, third-party tools, files, and web content together with enhanced discovery, collaboration, and navigation.

Enterprise User Access Management

Easily integrate modern multi-tenant, user management and single sign-on capabilities with your application to inherit and extend your existing user security and authentication model.

Deployment, Scaling & Management

DataClarity is designed to be highly and predictably vertically and horizontally scalable simply by adding more memory, processors, nodes, or clusters with near-linear scale processing improvements for all operations.

Next Generation Architecture

DataClarity employs enterprise cloud-ready architecture designed to maximize performance, connectivity, and availability, with rapid deployment, elasticity, and auto-scaling across private, public, and hybrid infrastructures.

Why OEM and Embed DataClarity in your product or application?

No Need to Choose Build vs. Buy!

With DataClarity, you don’t need to choose! Embed within weeks and realize benefits of a complete OEM solution featuring eight new releases per year, and any time later become completely independent with your own team leveraging the source code as foundation.

Fully Customizable White Label

Visually integrate and match your application style, color, size, and branding standards through modification of DataClarity’s user interfaces, themed portals, storyboards, screen layouts, visualizations, fonts, icons, and color palettes.

Flexible Integration, Powerful API

Choose to integrate without coding using standalone, inline frame, and fully-embedded methods. Perform the most advanced integration and automation techniques using our fully documented set of Swagger-enabled REST API endpoints.

Affordable and Flexible Licensing

Whether you’re a startup or Fortune 500, DataClarity has affordable and flexible licensing options with no hidden fees that are easy to scale up and down for any requirement including with/without infrastructure, unlimited users, source code, and support level.

Deploy Anywhere, Scale Infinitely

Deploy on-premises, on cloud, or hybrid, and scale easily to satisfy user expectations. DataClarity’s highly-scalable container-based architecture seamlessly integrates with your infrastructure, application, data, and security regardless of deployment type.

Robust Enterprise Security/SSO

Leverage your existing SSO using SAML, OpenID Connect, Kerberos, Active Directory, or external authentication providers. Enable everyone inside and outside the organization to create and access trusted data and dashboards while fulfilling enterprise security requirements.

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