DataClarity Embedded Analytics

Easy to Integrate and Scale


The World’s Only Free-Forever
Self-Service Embeddable Data and Analytics Platform

Why OEM or embed DataClarity in your product or application?

Free Forever Analytics

DataClarity is the only end-to-end embeddable analytics platform that comes completely free. It provides seamless governance and scalability, adapting effortlessly to any requirement, be it infrastructure, unlimited users, or multiple organizations or customers.

Built or Buy

No Need to Build or Buy

With DataClarity, you don’t need to choose! Embed within weeks and realize the benefits of a complete integrated solution featuring quarterly software updates, and any time later become completely independent with your own team leveraging the free forever software.

Full White Label

Create a fully custom, white-labeled analytics experience that visually aligns with your app’s branding standards, style, and colors. Tailor the key UI elements, logo, copyright label, footer, links, toolbar, sidebar, background and font colors, to match the desired look and feel.

Flexible Integration and Extensibility

Choose to integrate without coding using standalone, inline frame, and fully-embedded methods. Perform the most advanced integration and automation techniques using our documented set of Swagger-enabled REST API endpoints or track lineage and manage your data with the Metadata API.

Deploy Anywhere, Scale Infinitely

With DataClarity, you have the flexibility to deploy on-premises, on the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, and easily scale to meet user expectations. The platform’s highly-scalable and cloud-ready architecture seamlessly integrates with your infrastructure, application, data, and security, regardless of the deployment type.

Robust Enterprise Security and SSO

Leverage your existing SSO using SAML, OpenID Connect, Active Directory, LDAP, or external authentication providers. Enable everyone inside and outside the organization to create and access trusted data and dashboards while fulfilling enterprise security requirements.

When to consider embedded analytics from DataClarity?

Need True Self-Service

Ease of use is essential to providing the self-service that customers expect from modern analytics. To truly derive value, analytics must be accessible to users across the organization regardless of their technical proficiency or skills. By leveraging fully customizable, true self-service analytics, you can empower everyone in your organization to quickly connect to data, and easily build their own dashboards.

Avoid Roadmap Disruption

A consistent and reliable API is crucial to ensure seamless integration with existing apps, minimize functional gaps, and increase compatibility with your products. By leveraging an extensible platform, you can proactively adapt and scale your analytics capabilities as your business needs to evolve, without disrupting your roadmap, sacrificing operational efficiency, or jeopardizing resource stability.

Lack of Data Integration

By embbeding an analytics platform with built-in data integration and enhanced security, you can overcome most challenges resulting from consolidating disparate data sources. Additionally, with seamless data curation capabilities you gain the ability to prepare and refine your data for analysis effortlessly, ensure data integrity and accuracy, and deliver better insights faster.

Integrate, customize, and deploy in weeks not months

Modern multi-tenant cloud architecture runs anywhere

Complete OEM solution provides everything needed

Inherits existing application security and authentication

Modular and easily configurable for any use case

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