IBM Cognos Analytics Features

See how automated data preparation, data discovery and visualizations can drive more confident decisions

Connect your data effortlessly

Import data from CSV files and spreadsheets. Connect to cloud or on-premises data sources, including SQL databases, Google BigQuery, Amazon, Redshift, and more.

Prepare and connect data automatically

Save time cleaning your data with AI-assisted data preparation. Clean and prep data from multiple sources, add calculated fields, join data, and create new tables.

Create dynamic dashboards easily

Quickly create compelling, interactive dashboards. Drag and drop data to create auto-generated visualizations, drill down for more detail, and share using email or Slack.

Uncover hidden patterns

Ask the AI assistant a question in plain language, and see the answer in a visualization. Use time series modeling to predict seasonal trends.

Create and deliver personalized reports

Keep your stakeholders up-to-date, automatically. Create and share dynamic personalized, multi-page reports.

Make confident data decisions

Get deeper insights without a data science background. Validate what you know, identify what you don’t with statistically accurate time-series forecasting and pinpoint patterns to consider.

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