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Effectively employment of analytics to help design the right products faster, build and distribute them cost effectively, and offer a superior driving experience to digitally empowered consumers.

Banking and Financial Services

Today’s consumers want more choice, a better experience, and faster service. DataClarity and IBM solutions for banks and financial institutions can help find new ways to overcome these challenges and increase revenue, profitability and growth.

Consumer Products

DataClarity and IBM offers world-class planning, predictive analytics and BI solutions which provide the smarter operations and improved performance needed for competitive advantage and a focus on the consumer.


As costs rise and funding shrinks, educators and administrators need deeper insight into which approaches work. DataClarity and IBM Business Analytics provide them with the tools to measure performance and ensure students achieve success.


DataClarity and IBM’s electronics industry solutions provide ready access to the right information and sophisticated analytical tools throughout a product’s life cycle, for critical competitive differentiation within successful enterprises.

Energy & Utilities

DataClarity and IBM can help increase revenues, improve customer experience, and increase market share by enabling you to capture consumer feedback from multiple sources, so you can deliver the right offer to the right person at the right time.


DataClarity and IBM Business Analytics solutions for governments help departments define and achieve their strategic goals, while ensuring resources are used effectively.


Transform your healthcare organization’s value with access to new and unprecedented amounts of data – across populations and at the level of the individual – for deeper insight, personalization and earlier interventions.


Find out how Analytics for Insurance can enable insurers to leverage data and analytics to create a customer-focused enterprise while maintaining the required oversight to succeed.


DataClarity and IBM Business Analytics has solutions for electronics, aerospace, automotive and industrial products manufacturers to anticipate, or quickly respond to, demand and supply changes.

Media & Entertainment

In the era of the connected consumer, audience value and growth is only sustainable by a differentiated audience experience. DataClarity and IBM Business Analytics solutions can help your company to develop this experience by genuinely understanding their audience.

Oil and Gas

DataClarity and IBM’s Analytics platform provide a scalable, easy to use, secure information management and an analytics platform for complex and large-scale analysis and economical storage of drilling production data.


Business analytics solutions help retailers address challenges by delivering a smarter shopping experience, building smarter operations by using analytics, improving product assortment and supply chain decisions, and managing commission payments.


Business analytics solutions help communications service providers address challenges by improving subscribers insight and services to reduce customer churn, transforming business for higher efficiency, and innovating business models.

Travel & Transportation

Solutions to create a solid foundational data and analytics platform for customer, asset-intensive and operational decisions, and will help travel and transportation service providers address challenges.

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