Retail Assortment Planning & Optimization

Best-in-class assortment planning capabilities for major retailers who require a powerful, agile, and easy to use solution

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 The IBM/DataClarity Retail Planning & Analytics Solution has advanced analytic capabilities that include the following:

Utilizes IBM mature and proven enterprise analytic platform and DataClarity Analytics and Data Science platform to deliver advanced capabilities not found in other solutions.

Built on a fully-integrated platform architecture that is easily customized to meet retailer requirements as your business grows and markets change and develop over time.

Includes advanced analytics for predictive planning, forecasting, optimization, and clustering that leverages historical information and science to provide merchants a foundation with better insight.

Proven and robust enterprise software
Icon - Cognos TM1
IBM Planning Analytics Local (TM1)

The core Analytic Engine for analysis and scenario planning.

IBM SPSS Modeler

The core Predictive Engine that powers the recommendation.

IBM Analytics
IBM Cognos Analytics

The primary visualization engine for rendering all graphic and tabular outputs.

Icon - DashInsight
DataClarity Analytics

The primary application layer for an easy-to-use customizable user experience.

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