IBM Planning Analytics with Watson Success Stories

Swisscom drastically slashes planning and reporting times

“We get efficiency gains, cost savings, usability improvements – and better data integrity with IBM Planning Analytics.”
Jan Frey, Product Owner TM1, Swisscom

Mawgif streamlines operations and business planning

“With the IBM solution, the team is mesmerized by the power they have — to have a ‘crystal ball’ and see what tomorrow will bring rather than see only what happened yesterday. It’s a big mind change for us.”
Ali Haji Chief Financial Officer, Mawgif

FleetPride keeps the wheels of commerce turning with seamless supply chain management

“To improve the efficiency of the entire supply chain, we wanted to take the emotion out of strategic decision-making and let data do the talking.”
— Homarjun Agrahari, Director, Advanced Analytics, FleetPride

Vapo Oy integrates AI to transform Finnish energy business

Vapo Oy built a sales and planning environment based around ever-changing customer needs, and moved from a legacy model to a sustainability mode.

Grupo Boticário predicts consumer demand for cosmetics with insight that is more than skin-deep

“IBM Analytics solutions are helping us understand the myriad factors that make consumers choose one product over another.”
— Donald Neumann, Demand Manager, Grupo Boticário

GKN Aerospace transforms workforce planning

“Thanks to the greater flexibility in how we deploy our employees, we are very confident of achieving an impressive return on investment with the IBM solution.”
— David Legge, Global IT Projects Director, GKN Aerospace

Stein Mart makes sense of their complex retail data 

“Cross-functional collaboration coupled with granular insights into IT portfolio data enables better decision making. Refocus time spent collecting data to strategic planning, helping align IT with organizational objectives.”
— Ron Lewis, VP of Financial Planning & Analysis, Stein Mart