TM1/Planning Analytics Performance and Health Assessment

Would you like to get more value from your TM1/Planning Analytics investment?
Is it performing to your expectations?
Are license entitlements properly monitored and managed by type?

Enhance performance of your TM1/Planning Analytics content and environment

Increase business value and
reduce total cost of ownership

Leverage proven methodology, best practices, and technical expertise

Regularly assessing your TM1/Planning Analytics environment, data, and content is critical to understanding and optimizing the health, performance, and overall business value your system can deliver.

The DataClarity TM1/Planning Analytics Performance and Health Assessment can increase your success by identifying opportunities for improving performance and lowering costs based on your actual requirements.

For over 20 years, DataClarity has been delivering advisory services for hundreds of TM1/Planning Analytics clients with proven cost-effective assessments that more than pay for themselves throughout the year including at audit time. We begin by leading interactive sessions with your team to understand current business and technical requirements, environments, and critical success factors. From there, we undertake a comprehensive review of key areas to define objectives and understand critical performance requirements. We also focus on future requirements and challenges your organization will be undertaking, and align our recommendations with your strategies, objectives, and priorities.

Category Description
Business SME Review
  • Identify known functionality gaps, process, data and system operation issues (performance, stability), security issues, enablement/knowledge/skill gaps, or gaps in business/finance best practices
  • Discuss thoughts and ideas for improvements/enhancements
  • Identify and summarize findings related to the business review
Technical SME Review
  • Identify known system operation issues (performance, stability, access, data connections)
  • Review and discuss IBM support incidences and resolutions
  • Identify known gaps in technical best practices
  • Identify and summarize findings related to the technical review
Environment Technical Review
  • Review the current architecture, resources, and configuration
  • Review overall scalability to accommodate future requirements
  • Review error logs and events
  • Identify and summarize findings related to the non-conforming environment
Application Technical Review
  • Perform assessment of models
  • Review integration and data flow
  • Review Intra-cube data feeders
  • Perform spot data validation
  • Review TI processes
  • Review data level security
  • Review Perspective reports and web sheets
  • Review performance in relevant UI’s, Excel
  • Review maintenance and administration tasks
  • Identify and summarize findings related to design issues and gaps in best practices

How We Are Different?

Since our founding in 1999, DataClarity has employed only senior and principal level experts who utilize our proven methodologies, best practices and their extensive experience to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions for a broad spectrum of customers around the world. We focus solely on expert client first advisory, consulting, implementation, and support services that exceed expectations and optimize investments in data, analytics, business intelligence, performance management, and data science.

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