IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Connect the right data to the right people at the right time

IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform helps improve productivity and reduce complexity. Build a data fabric connecting siloed data distributed across a hybrid cloud landscape.

Predict outcomes faster using a platform built with data fabric architecture. Collect, organize and analyze data, no matter where it resides.

Access data quicker


Faster access to distributed data at lower costs across cloud and on-premises sources

Boost productivity


Reduced ETL requests allow data engineers to concentrate on higher value work

Cut costs


Manual cataloging eliminated to save costs like IBM Global Chief Data Office experienced

Multicloud data access

Manage data spread across distributed stores and clouds.

Intelligent knowledge catalog

Rapidly provide business-ready data to users.

Pervasive data privacy and security

Seamlessly enforce universal data and usage policies

Distributed data processing

Process data without migrating to a central repository.

Modern cloud data warehouse

Supercharge analytics with Netezza, a high-performance data warehouse.

End-to-end AI lifecycle

Dynamically create, train, manage, and monitor AI and advanced models.

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