DataClarity Release Notes 2022.1

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Check out the latest features included in DataClarity 2022.1! This version brings new enhancements such as support to query data from TM1 public and private MDX views, custom visualization widgets, improved restAPI for developers, and more…

  • Dataset names when using other BI tools
  • Rename individual columns
  • Select schemas for data sources
  • Save your viewing preferences
  • Automatically resolve duplicate names for the imported datasets
  • Select private views to create TM1 cube view datasets
  • Double-click to select columns for data exploration
  • Create a dataset based on a TM1 MDX view
  • Custom visualization widget
  • Python code widget
  • Schedule a storyboard subscription to run every 15 or 30 minutes
  • Send a storyboard subscription email on demand
  • Save your viewing preferences
  • Distinguish shared datasets in a visualization
  • Edit a storyboard without running the widgets
  • Receive notifications about new versions
  • Configure email for notifications
  • Configure Data Engine’s memory settings
  • OpenAPI specification & Swagger

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