DataClarity Release Notes 2021.4

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Check out the latest features included in DataClarity 2021.4! This version brings new capabilities such as datasets extracts, schema-free querying, support for non-relational data sources, and storyboards UI improvements.

  • Query & data federation engine
  • Create a dataset based on extracted data
  • Select data storage structure for an extract dataset
  • Perform the first data load for an extract dataset
  • Identify extract datasets
  • Schedule a full refresh of an extract dataset
  • Schedule an incremental refresh of an extract dataset
  • Refresh an extract dataset on demand
  • Create a dataset based on MongoDB
  • Use new functions in calculations
  • Display hyperlinks in Table
  • Create a dynamic hyperlink calculation in Table
  • Create an HTML calculation in Table
  • Change the alignment of the column values in Table
  • Customize the “no data” message in widgets
  • Rearrange the data frame columns
  • Rich Text widget
  • Configure SSL certificate for Data Server

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