DataClarity Release Notes 2020.9

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Check out the latest features included in DataClarity 2020.9 release! This version brings innovative capabilities such as columns data formatting, custom JavaScript and CSS, an easier way to add new tenants from the Access Management interface, and more.

  • Apply number formatting
  • Apply date & time formatting
  • Rename all columns in a table
  • Dataset columns structured in Tableau
  • Consistent naming for aggregations
  • Rename columns used in calculations
  • TM1 Cube View connection details
  • Date & number formatting
  • HTML code widget
  • HTML input widget
  • HTML button widget
  • Add CSS and JavaScript to a storyboard page
  • View storyboards’ recipients in List view
  • Filter data by one column in Table
  • Clear filter on cell toggle in Table
  • Use additional columns for visualization queries
  • Other enhancements in Table
  • Column search in Filter & Highlighter
  • Text & date formats in Single Value
  • Consistent naming for aggregations
  • Preview a script code
  • The default size for some widgets
  • Cancel visualizing a widget
  • Percentage sign in Pareto charts
  • Deploy custom Python libraries
  • Deploy the platform behind the external SSL balancer
  • Create a tenant in Access Manager

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