DataClarity Release Notes 2020.5

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Explore the new features in DataClarity 2020.5

The DataClarity 2020.5 release contains many innovative capabilities for improved performance:

  • Certify datasets
  • Datasets export and import
  • Datasets tags
  • Data cleaning
  • Split a column into multiple columns
  • Bulk rename columns
  • Resolve duplicate column names
  • String function for splitting columns
  • Scalar script function for data science
  • Load more datasets into view
  • AI connections export and import
  • Built-in DataClarity Python server
  • Certify storyboards
  • Enhanced sorting in widgets
  • Background image for the Table widget
  • Visualize image columns in the Table widget
  • Margins for geospatial widgets
  • Customize lines and direction arrows in the Path map
  • Change content ownership when deleting a user
  • Audit user activities
  • Configure notifications lifespan
  • Message broker configuration

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