IBM Cloud Pack for Data

Data governance and privacy

Eliminate the technological complexities of data governance – connect to data regardless of where it resides

Data Governance and Privacy Benefits

Operationalize consistency

Understand, collaborate, enrich and access the right data

Manage policies and rules

Enforce policy, manage compliance, promote audit readiness and maintain customer trust

Automate data privacy and security at scale

Support AI and analytics initiatives by employing advanced data masking

Improve data quality

View key entities, track lineage and access quality scores across structured and unstructured data

Data Governance and Privacy Features

AI-augmented catalog

Understand, collaborate, and access the right data.

Metadata layer

Increase visibility across a distributed landscape

Integrated user experience

Manage data lifecycle for users across the organization

Advanced data privacy

Mask data and gain insights while enforcing privacy

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If you want to see how to automate governance and data security with a data fabric

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