IBM Cloud Pack for Data

Customer 360

Build a 360-degree view of customer data to empower business users to unlock deeper insights for personalized customer engagement

Customer 360 Features


A one-stop shop to find data and access data for collaboration

Augmented knowledge

A capability that provides a common business understanding of the data

Smart integration

A range of integration styles to extract, ingest, stream, virtualize and transform data

Simplified entity matching

Built-in machine learning (ML) expedites the process of configuring and tuning partially matching algorithms

Unified lifecycle

An end-to-end lifecycle to compose, build, test, deploy and manage various aspects of the data

Customer 360 Capabilities

Data discovery and cataloging

Enable data professionals to quickly find the most appropriate data for any analytical or business purpose.

Data visualization

Understand the quality and distribution of your data, and quickly transform data to be ready for analytics.

Common identifier resolution

Resolve duplicate person or organization data to a single 360-degree record for analytics and new models.

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