London South Bank University drives educational excellence

Higher education requires expert resource planning. To gain greater insight into effective long-term strategies, London South Bank University (LSBU) equipped its financial planning department with IBM Planning Analytics, helping to foster student success with more effective forecasting and budgeting. Business challenge University funding fluctuates with student enrolment and many other factors. How could LSBU [...]

Ancestry unlocks real-time financial insights

It used to take Ancestry hours to make changes to their applications - now it takes minutes. Forecasting took weeks, now it happens instantaneously. Accounting and financial planning departments have access to real-time data. How analytics hero, Jose Balitactac, helped Ancestry achieve faster planning, reporting, and forecasting Ancestry knows data. Their goal is to [...]

Modern Planning Platforms Drive Business Agility and Better Outcomes

Constellation Research: Modern Planning Platforms Download PDF A modern planning solution, such as IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1, helps keep you ahead of changing business conditions by giving you the ability to get through cycles of iteration and planning quickly, so you have more time for analysis and [...]

Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting Software Selection Guide

Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting, Software Selection Guide Download PDF The successful implementation of a planning solution requires the orchestration of technology, business processes and best practices. This selection guide outlines key principles to help a company align its business process and technology requirements during the process of selecting planning, [...]

Modern FP&A Solutions Drive Business Results

Aberdeen Research: Modern FP&A Solutions Drive Business Results Download PDF Read the Aberdeen research to see how to amplify FP&A and harness analytics to link strategic to operational planning.  With organizations looking to integrate, manage and analyze their data, the FP&A job description today has taken on a strategic, digital-first approach. [...]

AI & The Future of Work Video On-Demand

AI & The Future of Work 1:49 Falling in love again: Mueller’s Head of Analytics gives his take on the latest Cognos release Mueller, Inc is an American steel building and metal roof manufacturer based in Ballinger, Texas. Since 2004, Mueller has been using various versions of Cognos to help deliver [...]

Vapo Oy integrates AI to transform Finnish energy business

It’s common knowledge that if any business is going to survive, let alone thrive, they must adapt to change. The energy industry in particular has always been at the forefront of evolving its practices for a multitude of reasons. Vapo Oy is one of Finland’s leading energy suppliers, and they are taking a head-on approach [...]

GKN Aerospace transforms workforce planning

GKN Aerospace serves over 90 percent of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers. Working with IBM, the company remodeled its workforce planning processes, ensuring it makes the best use of its 3,500 engineers and can always satisfy clients’ demand for cutting-edge technology. Business Challenge GKN Aerospace has achieved impressive growth since 2000, with a six-fold rise [...]

Grupo Boticário predicts consumer demand for cosmetics with insight that is more than skin-deep

Grupo Boticário has grown into the world’s largest perfumery and cosmetics franchiser by helping its customers look good—which means it always needs to keep the hottest new products in stock. IBM Analytics helps the group understand what customers want, before they even know they want it—enabling smarter sales, marketing and production planning. Business Challenge [...]

FleetPride keeps the wheels of commerce turning with seamless supply chain management

If a farmer’s tractor breaks down during harvest or a courier’s van has engine issues, they can’t afford to wait long for spare parts to arrive—they’ve got a job to do. FleetPride is transforming its supply chain management with analytics, helping to ensure customers get the parts they need, when they need them. Business Challenge [...]

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